Friday, July 30, 2010

Korea Sketchdump 2

Everything's been super busy, I'm not really sure where to start. I've been in Korea really for about ten to eleven days, but it just feels like months. We arrived on the 20th of July and spent 4 hours on the bus getting from Incheon to Mokpo, where we were staying at the International Football Center for orientation. There we got a crash course on teaching and met our Korean co-teachers as well as getting assigned into different camps and just getting to know everyone.

We started teaching our classes Monday, and being assigned the art booth, I'm fairly sure I have the best homeroom ever. The kids are really sweet and crazy off the wall especially during break time.

There's so much more post, but I'm actually supposed to be teaching class right now (whoops), so all you're getting right now is a sketchdump.

People from orientation
One of my students, Bella. :)

No photos just yet, but I love my kids.