Sunday, July 18, 2010

Back to Bridgman & Cats and Dogs

Never say that I don't deliver on my promises. Cats, dogs, a bird and mugshots. I'm like Santa Clause with less facial hair and more sex appeal. Let's make this blog awesome everyone. Drop some work onto this thing!

- Vincent


Jussi Tarvainen said...

Nice studies Niko! You can never do too many Bridgman's:)


Nikolas Guardia said...

Jussi, haha, I think these are Vincents. By the way, e-mail me, or hit me up on facebook if you want in on the blog!

Vincent- Sketches are looken' nice man. Can't wait to see what you produce while at ringling. Call me when you move into town!

Kelp said...

Daaw fuzzy creatures :) Love the dog very much.

Chi-Wen said...

Looking awesome, Vincent! I love how solid these look, especially the one of the dog.

Vincent Nappi said...

Hey Jussi,

I realize Niko and I look alike and all, both of us being 10 feet tall, but these are my sketches.

Get in on the blog! I'd like to see your stuff.

Thanks everyone!

Niko, I sure will. the days are counting down at this point.